By: Linda Chion Kenney (Sweet Bay Markets photo)

Excerpt: “October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and on sale at Sweetbay supermarkets in Greater Brandon and beyond are gourds that feature a pale-pink skin with orange flesh.

“This year marks the first fall harvest of pink pumpkins, a variety known as ‘Porcelain Doll FI’ and created by DP Seeds,” a company that “has spent several years perfecting its hybrid pumpkins to create the pink color,” according to a Sweetbay news release.

“Our goal with these pink pumpkins is to brighten our shoppers’ homes and help make their fall season more memorable,” according to Nicole LeBeau, a Sweetbay spokesperson.

Your goal, as a purchaser of pink pumpkins, might be to help support the cause of fighting breast cancer; according to Sweetbay, the non-profit Pink Pumpkin Patch Foundation will donate a portion of sales to breast cancer research.”

Read the whole article at the Brandon Patch website: Pink Pumpkins in Time for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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