By Jesse Ritka

Excerpt: “ROLLING PRAIRIE – October is a time for fantastic fall colors, hay rides and pumpkin picking, but you won’t find just your average orange ones at Waldvogel’s Farm.

“They look a lot different out here compared to the orange ones obviously,” Phil Waldvogel tells TODAY’S TMJ4’s Jesse Ritka.

That’s because some of Waldvogel’s pumpkins are pink this year.  “They are a little different, very unique.  They’re a little different color pink,” he says.  Waldvogel goes on to explain how the pumpkins will become pinker the longer they stay on the vine and mature.  “It’s the first year, it’s a learning process, every pumpkin is different and we’re learning more about them as we go along,” Waldvogel says.

But the light pink, or salmon color, isn’t a mistake or a result of the drought.  The pink pumpkins are being grown to raise money for breast cancer research.  “It sounded like a really good idea, right at the time of the year, October being Breast Cancer Awareness month and well, let’s face it, it’s the right thing to do,” explains Waldvogel.”

Read the whole article and video at the TodaysTMJ4 website: Pink pumpkins helping fund breast cancer research

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