By Jenny Whalen (photo credit Jenny Whalen)

Excerpt: “This October, pink is the new orange – at least in pumpkins.

The Pink Pumpkin Patch Foundation, a nonprofit organization that funds breast cancer research, is working with major retailers this month, including Kroger, Walmart and Home Depot, to raise money for breast cancer research through the sale of special pink-skinned pumpkins.

Grown from a specially cultivated seed, these pumpkins are actually pink in color, which lends them to be the center of the nonprofit’s new national campaign, “Pink Pumpkins on Your Porch – Let’s Unite Against Breast Cancer.” Through this campaign, customers across the country are encouraged to join the fight against breast cancer by adding pink pumpkins to their Halloween and autumn decor.”

Read the whole article at the Grosse Point Patch website: Grosse Pointe Retailers Sell Pink Pumpkins to Fund Breast Cancer Research

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