What is the purpose of the Pink Pumpkin Patch Foundation (PPPF)?

The PPPF was formed to raise money for cancer research. The Board of Directors of the PPPF (Board) decided to focus specifically on breast cancer research. The PPPF is organized as a nonprofit corporation currently seeking designation by the U.S. Internal Revenue Agency as a charitable organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

How does the PPPF raise funds?

The Foundation entered into an agreement with Colorado Seeds Inc., the breeder of Porcelain Doll and Porcelain Princess to raise money through the sale of pink pumpkins. Colorado Seeds Inc, agrees to donate $10 per 1,000 Porcelain Doll and Porcelain Princess pink pumpkin seeds sold. Porcelain Doll and Porcelain Princess growers that sign the pledge have agreed to donate $.25 per pumpkin sold to the Pink Pumpkin Patch Foundation. Porcelain Doll and Porcelain Princess pink pumpkin seed varieties will be grown throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Where do PPPF pumpkins come from?

Pink pumpkins produced by growers affiliated with the PPPF come from a traditional hybrid (non-GMO) bred by Colorado Seeds, Inc. and commercialized under the name Porcelain Doll and Porcelain Princess.

Does the PPPF make any money off printed materials like stickers, signs or bins?

No. Prices negotiated with printers are provided solely as a guide for growers. Growers are welcome to use other printers or negotiate lower prices with existing printers, if possible. The PPPF will pay for printing plates for bins as long as they are printed by International Paper.

Am I required to use the marketing materials offered on the PPPF website?

No. The marketing materials are available to help growers promote the Porcelain Doll Pink Pumpkin if they choose to do so.

Can I send my pledge form to the PPPF directly?

Yes. You may email or postal mail them to us.

What types of organizations will receive donations from PPPF?

The PPPF will focus on direct support of breast cancer research.  The PPPF will not make donations to other organizations that merely raise money for breast cancer.  Instead, PPPF funds will go directly to organizations actually conducting cancer research.

How will the PPPF decide who gets a donation?

The Board selects donation recipients. Information about donation recipients will be available from the Board and communicated in various ways, including through posting on PPPF’s website and Facebook page.

Will support be provided for cancer research being conducted in Canada?

Yes. Since funds will be received from pumpkins grown and sold in Canada, PPPF funds will be contributed to support breast cancer research in Canada.

Who are the Board members of the Pink Pumpkin Patch Foundation?

The Board consists of 6 people. They are listed below.


Carol Holsopple-Froese, breast cancer survivor

Vice President

Dean Cotton, Seedway


Ace Seybolt, DP Seeds llc.


Liz Ortega Schwarz, Growmark

Members at Large:

Andrew Froese, Hancock Froese & Company, LLC
Neil Demers, marketing


What salaries are paid out at the PPPF?

All directors and officers are currently working for PPPF on a volunteer basis.


How much of funds received by PPPF will actually go to support cancer research?

The Board has budgeted expenses at less than 10% of expected revenue. Revenue has been forecasted based on seed sales and expected yields, with consideration for potential weather-related crop losses and the early state of PPPF’s fundraising efforts. Expenses include legal, accounting, insurance and marketing costs. The amount of funds available for contribution to research organizations will be dependent upon the amount of pumpkins harvested and sold, less PPPF expenses and a modest reserve for ongoing obligations and operations of PPPF. The PPPF will announce this amount annually pursuant to fundraising and funds distribution guidelines developed by the Board.


As a grower, can I donate to a local organization directly instead of to the PPPF?

No. Donations from the sale of each pumpkin will go directly to the Pink Pumpkin Patch Foundation pursuant to an agreement signed by each grower.


What is the timing of the donations that will be made by the foundation?

Pumpkins are harvested and sold in September and October of each year. We expect all donations from growers to be received by the first of December. Contribution of funds to research organizations will occur as soon as possible thereafter, pursuant to fund distribution guidelines established by the Board.


How will I know if the Board is following through on the statements made above?

The PPPF is committed to transparency in its operations in support of a cure for breast cancer. Financial statements of the PPPF will be published on its website. Additional information, such as the process for distribution of funds and a list of fund recipients, will be published on the PPPF website and Facebook page. Any interested party is also welcome to speak to any Board member directly or to request copies of any documents from the PPPF.

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