by Sapphire from Media Maven

Excerpt: “Lovelies, Did you know that breast cancer is one of the leading causes of death among women?  It’s an alarming reality!  And even with so much warnings and requests — for women to get tested early — you will still find that many of us, still aren’t! In today’s world — diseases aren’t discriminating anymore! You are never to young or too old!!! I want to motivate and inspire each and every one of you beauties –  while at the same time, try to raise funds for breast cancer research!  I introduce to you,  a new foundation called The Pink Pumpkin Patch — who is currently promoting an amazingly chic, natural pink-skinned pumpkin, which is set to debut — nationwide –  this October, for National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. ”

Read the whole article at the SheSaidBeauty website: Chic Pretty Pink Pumpkins For Breast Cancer Awareness

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